[HK Region] Eco Game Booth and Recycling Station

RECYCLE! MathConcept has always been keen on promoting environmental protection affairs. Recyclable materials such as waste papers and plastic bottles produced on the day of the “MathConceptition 2023”, will be collected and sorted by “Baguio. i-Recycle” for recycling purposes.

REDUCE! In order to raise the awareness of environmental protection, we have also invited “Baguio. i-Recycle” to set up an educational booth (Location: Rotunda 3 Foyer, 6/F, KITEC) to promote the importance of waste reduction. Participants are invited to test your eco-knowledge by trying out the mini games provided at the booth!

REUSE! Environmental Protection Charity” will also be setting up a Clothes and Toys Donation Station (Location: 635, Conference Center, 6/F, KITEC). You are invited to bring along and donate your used clothing or toys on the day (limited by the venue, each participant can donate up to one piece of clothing/toy) to receive a rubrics cube by participating in the event (limited quantity, while supplies last).